Saturday, December 1, 2007

Cavity free after visiting our favorite dentist

Dr. Rob

Me and my sister. She is one of my "JOYS" in my life. Sometimes my partner in crime and other times my rock. I really kinda like her and glad she is in my life.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Interesting week

It all started with a little gurgle in the toilet. We didn't think much of it. I came home from work in a hurry to take Savannah and Dallin swimming. Before we left, I started a load of wash. Poor Adam came home to a big swimming pool in the bathroom, water was coming out of the toilet, sink and tub. Not dirty water but still sick. Good thing he knows a little about plumbing. He spent a lot of time that night trying to figure out the problem. Needless to say, we definitely take advantage of indoor plumbing. Why is it that when you know you can't have something or use something you need it. LUCKILY Adam had a snake and was able to loosen whatever it was that was stuck in the pipes (so we thought) So again I started a load of laundry, which was all the towels I owned we used to clean the water up the first time. You guessed it, GURGLE!!!!!!! At this time Adam was eating dinner. So I grabbed blankets to clean up the soapy water. We had to use the neighbors bathroom that night. The kids told me that if we didn't get it fixed right away they were moving out. The next morning I was able to take a quick shower in a trickle of water. Got wet, turned off the water, soaped up and turned the water back on to rinse. That night Adam came home and was able to get into the septic and clear the clogged drain and found a broken pipe that the roots of a tree had grown into. So he was able to fix it for now. Good thing that happened this week we all had cleanings and we have zero cavities.